Borne out of 30+ years working in healthcare.


We improve the day-to-day process of care delivery by making it understandable, intentional, and fundamentally more human.

We apply behavioral science, operations management principles, and AI to help organizations make better decisions about the process of delivering care.  Borne out of thousands of hours of observation and working alongside medical professionals, we help care delivery organizations create an operational system of record and measure how workflow decisions impact the experience of care as well as top-line and bottom-line growth.


Our Operational Performance Record System, Motion Memory, captures the daily realities of care and is used by a leading national hospital and innovative clinics to answer specific business questions around service reliability, scaling process improvement, and resource planning.  Fundamentally, we help the people involved in the delivery of care—patients and providers alike—better understand and make use of their time.


We believe care is a craft.

For every one of us, health and experience of care is deeply personal.  Nothing can replace the felt experience between patient and provider—it goes beyond science.  Therefore, while we have seen data-driven decision making create positive change, we recognize the inherent value of the human interaction.  Therefore we believe our technology enhances human judgment, not supplants it.


We fight for respect and trust.

We respect everyone’s right to privacy and honor earnest intentions.  Accordingly, any and all data we provide to administrators and managers is anonymous.  Moreover, we fundamentally believe improvement can only be achieved through trust—not fear of punitive decisions.  This is in our DNA and an absolute prerequisite to working together.


We fight inertia.

“Too difficult” and “good enough” are not in our vocabulary.  Yet change for the sake of change is not the goal.  We provide actionable information that helps teams make better decisions about hard, high-impact problems.


We are sincere.

Creating an authentic story of who, what, where, when, and why in context creates a common language for teams to communicate and illuminate opportunities to break from the status quo.  We want to create genuine change, not just treat symptoms.


We are collaborators.

We are open-minded and approachable.  We have lived the problem from multiple perspectives, but there are always more perspectives to be heard and included.  We want to listen, learn, and improve together.


Driven by a common belief that a better system is within reach.

Eliot Wall, CEO + Founder
Eliot specializes in human-centered design and operations improvement.  He previously worked as a medical educator and data analyst for leading healthcare organizations.  He has conducted research in clinical delivery systems and policy, and earned his B.A. from McGill University concentrating on geographic information systems.
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Chip Ach, Head of Engineering
Chip leads the technical team of the company driving product development and implementation.  He has over 20 years of experience in technology and engineering development.  He has lived the startup life -- most recently at athenahealth -- and received his B.A. from the University of Chicago and M.B.A. from Northeastern University.
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Counseled by go-to authorities in business, healthcare, and tech.

Ben Waber
Ben is the CEO and co-founder of Humanyze.  He is recognized as an expert in people analytics and wearable technology.  His book People Analytics, is an international best seller.  He is a visiting scientist at the MIT Media Lab, previously worked as a senior researcher at Harvard Business School, and received his Ph.D. from MIT for his work with Alex “Sandy” Pentland’s Human Dynamics group.  
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Jitin Asnaani
Jitin leads CommonWell Health Alliance, whose vision is that health data follows the individual no matter where care occurs. He is experienced in creating and collaborating with HIT vendors, app developers, providers, governments, and other interoperability stakeholders across the health and care continuum.  He received his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.
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Agnis Stibe
Agnis is the founder of the Theory of Transforming Wellbeing. His work leverages advanced technologies, purposeful design, and socio-psychological theories to encourage positive behavior change.  He is a professor at ESLSCA Business School Paris, previously worked as a postdoc at MIT Media Lab, and holds an M.B.A. from RTU Riga as well as a Ph.D. from University of Oulu.
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Mitch Harris
Mitch advises multiple startups helping them design solutions that pull useful information out of large data sets.  He is an expert in statistical methodologies, ML, and AI.  He is the former CTO and co-founder of QPID Health, previously worked as a researcher scientist at Massachusetts  General Hospital, and received his Ph.D. from University of Illinois in Computer Science. 
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