Our deployment, privacy and security details. 




Our tech stack

exceeds HIPAA best practices with monitoring and protection

at physical, database, network, and application layers.


Patient-safe location beacons install in the clinic without any wires or construction. System generates the highest quality data with sub-room-level resolution captured every second.


Designed with clinician input to reduce workflow complexity, our applications require minimal user training and provide the right information in the right context.


With vendor-agnostic integration, our APIs allow us to transmit and receive patient data securely and immediately. Redundancy ensures minimal disruptions. 

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"It's been fun to disprove long-held assumptions.  The conversation is more productive and people are using actual data to make their case."

-Attending Physician, Primary Care Center, Leading National


Workflow Insights

Can I try Workflow Insights for free?

Yes! We allow for a few simulations to be run free of charge. Schedule a free consultation using the link above to get started!

Do I have to deploy hardware to use Workflow Insights?

No. Workflow Insights is entirely web-based and ready for you to use today. Motion Memory, which uses hardware, automates the capture and analysis of the highest quality data that serves as inputs for Workflow Insights. However, you do not need to use Motion Memory to be able to run predictions. You can enter the data manually.

What are the benefits of Workflow Insights?

First, Workflow Insights allows users to predict the effects and outcomes of process, resource, and schedule adjustments without having to practically implement them in a real setting. This saves teams valuable time, money and effort. Moreover, as operational needs and goals of the practice change over time, Workflow Insights allows the impacts to be evaluated and then relevant processes to optimized. Second, Workflow Insights analyzes current process performance, resource allocation and schedule templates to identify opportunities to improve clinical operations with the highest ROI. This analysis includes visual display of what is expected (theoretical progression based on schedule) to what actually occurs (current state with variations in process and patient arrivals) to what would optimally occur (staff making the best available decision throughout the day).

Will I be automatically billed after my free trial?

No. You will not be billed automatically upon completion of the free trial, but you will not be able to run additional simulations until subscribing.


Who can benefit from Beacinsight?

Ambulatory practices of any size. Our ROI benefit is proven for medical, medical specialty, and surgical specialty clinics with as few as two scheduled providers and as many as twenty-five. Check out our answers below for additional information about the particular benefits conferred by Motion Memory and Workflow Insights.

What are the core differences between Motion Memory and Workflow Insights?

Motion Memory is a comprehensive workflow solution for practices looking to automate clinical operations decision making. Motion Memory combines Bluetooth beacons and mobile devices deployed in the clinical setting with electronic health record (EHR) integration to deliver the only real-time workflow optimization solution in the market. Although Motion Memory is a cloud-based solution, the beacons must be installed on-site. Motion Memory also provides a customized web-based dashboard that reports on clinic performance and patient experience. Workflow Insights is a web-based tool that uses data input manually, via EHR integration, or via Motion Memory to run simulations and predictions. Workflow Insights therefore does not require any installation (though the highest quality results will come from use of Motion Memory!) and can be used immediately upon subscription.

Motion Memory

Do you offer a free trial for Motion Memory?

We offer a risk-free trial for 30-days. However, these trials are only conducted for organizations expecting to convert to an annual contract. The trials are offered to ensure organizations receive the quality of data and service expected.

What are the benefits of Motion Memory?

Motion Memory’s benefits are enjoyed by stakeholders across the care delivery chain. Patients have reduced wait times as well as expectations set reliably upon arrival to the practice. Care team members have personalized workflow decisions recommended to them on an ongoing basis to ensure their time is used most effectively. Practice administrators are provided with the data and reports to identify opportunities to improve processes, expand scheduling capacity, and make the most efficient use of available resources.

What is the implementation time required?

Implementation varies from organization to organization, so while we can’t provide an exact answer, we’ll outline the components to help you estimate the expected length from contact signature to day 1 of full use. For a more exact estimate, please schedule a free consultation. First, Motion Memory requires integration with your organization’s electronic health record (EHR) to ensure maximum benefit. Typically this integration requires a security review and then three-to-six 1-hour phone calls to setup the connection. We generally allot for 2-8 weeks depending on your organization’s process. Note: We’ve been through stringent security reviews before and have the necessary answers at-hand. We also sign a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with you ensuring privacy and security compliance. Second, Motion Memory requires installation of Bluetooth beacons within the practice setting. The entire beacon installation takes ~3-6 hours depending on the physical footprint of the practice (estimate 10 minutes per room). The installation is conducted either on weekends or nights with consideration for the practice’s operating hours. Testing of the location-tracking system then occurs over a few 1-2 hours sessions in the days following the installation to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Finally, our clients have found that there is benefit to scheduling a socialization period with care team members. While training to use the application only takes 15-minutes, care teams enjoy becoming acquainted with the application at their own pace and learning speed (rather than being expected to go full-bore on the first day). We’ve found this works best when each care team member has the opportunity to interface with the application over 2-3 shifts.

Do you have a customer service team?

Yes. Our support team is available via phone and email Monday to Friday from 7 AM - 10 PM EST, including holidays.

What support is included?

Yes. Standard support includes beacon installation, staff training, uptime commitment, telephone and email support, as well as regular software updates.

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