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The Bare Necessities: Value-Based Care

Value-based care (VBC) helps correct a severe misalignment in stakeholder incentives by addressing the most fundamental structural flaw in our current system: how care is evaluated.  In this way, VBC is a logical and emotional imperative.

PR Newswire

Workflow Insights GA Launch

Beacinsight announced the general availability of Workflow Insights making their AI-driven optimization tools accessible to ambulatory practices that do not currently use the company’s mobile solution.

LeadMD CEO Interview

Pioneering a New Ops Intelligence Solution

On the Driven & Co. podcast, host Justin Gray digs in with Eliot Wall to discuss the creation of the first operational performance record (OPR) for healthcare providers as well as the twists and turns of his journey to entrepreneurship.

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When Operations Fail, Everyone Loses

Typically, we are only aware of the operations decisions when they go wrong: when we spend time waiting to be seen, the front desk tell us they are running behind, or no one updates us about what’s going on.


Starting points for learning more about care delivery operations.


Lean/SixSigma Training Manuals from CSSC 

The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) has put together manuals for each level of training.  The manuals are great reference documents and explain the core concepts.  For those unfamiliar with process improvement methods, these manuals are a great place to start.


Healthcare-Specific Tools from IHI

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has built a resource center with exercises and explanations focused on health care use cases. It takes some time to know where to start and how to navigate the catalogue, but they provide great content and tools.


Quick "How-To's" and Templates from ASQ

American Society for Quality (ASQ) is a global community of quality professionals and experts who have made most of their process improvement and improvement identification tools available for free.  These exercises are great if you’re looking for a quick refresher.


Northeast Regional Events by GBMP

GBMP is a regional resource for those in the Northeast US. However they also highlight events of national significance.  The organization hosts webinars on Lean/Sigma topics, on-site tours, and educational courses with high frequency making it easy to get involved.

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