See the outcomes of workflow changes without the overhead.



Workflow Insights is a web-based tool that analyzes clinic resource allocation and schedule templates to simulate "what-if" scenarios and identify opportunities for improvement.

Graphically depicts clinic workflow and identifies areas for improvement

Adapts to your process and resource requirements

Predicts outcomes and enables testing of changes

Clinic staff often believe hiring more staff or redesigning their clinic space will enable them to reduce patient wait time and/or increase throughput.  But, those decisions are anecdotal and costly.  By simulating resource or process adjustments, the practice leader can determine if the desired impact will be achieved without the cost of implementation.

Walk through our simple and free resource with us to see how you can potentially increase productivity, improve patient satisfaction, and manage sustainable growth.

"We know we haven't been making the best use of our resources.  We know we don't have our processes optimized.  But, now we have the data and tools so we don't have to rely on trial and error."

-Director and Lean SixSigma Black Belt, Enterprise Management, Leading National Hospital

The nervous system of your practice.

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